Display Categories!

All Displays awards are CASH prizes! Displays are an awesome way to show off your matchcover collection.

SINGLE: A single matchbook or matchcover usually being of some
significance, either in subject matter, rairity, age, or beauty. NOTE: A single display can consist of two of the same matchbooks/covers to show the front and back or inside of the matchbook/cover.

SERIES OR SET: Two or more matchbooks, matchboxes or matchcovers that were
specifically issued as a series or set.

CALIFORNIA: A display consisting of matchbooks, matchboxes, and or
matchcovers (and other items if desired) that relate to the great state of


OPEN CATEGORY: Any display that does not fit into any of the other categories.

PEOPLE’S FAVORITE: This is what you feel is the best display of all or what
display you like best.

SMALL CATEGORY: A display consisting of a small category of matchbooks, matchboxes, and/or matchcovers that relate to each other in some way.

UNUSUAL GROUP: A display consisting of a group of unusual, unique, or out-of-the-ordinary matchbooks, matchboxes, and/or matchcovers.

“COMBO”: A “combo” display consists of matchbooks, matchboxes, and/or matchcovers that contain another item (or items) that pertains to the matches or to the establishment from which the items originate (postcards, business cards, napkins, brochures, swizzle sticks, coasters, menus, playing cards, etc…). NOTE: A display from any other category can qualify for a “Best Combo Display” award as long as it qualifies as a “combo”.


Displays can consist of of used or unused matchcovers, full books, matchboxes, or labels.

There are no restrictions on size, title placement, and other added material on a display.

Each display should be covered with a transparent material to inhibit the removal of covers.


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