Welcome to AMCAL!

Welcome to AMCAL Vintage Matchbook Convention! We’ll be heading back to Palm Springs in May 2018 for another three days of matchbook collecting and vintage fun. If you like history, graphics, art, collecting, and classic advertising, AMCAL is your perfect MATCH!

The Angelus Matchcover Club is excited to be once again hosting and sponsoring AMCAL. We’d also like to thank the Sierra Diablo Matchcover Club for their consistent support of this event.


How AMCAL works:

If you would like to attend all three days of AMCAL, the registration fee is $25. The $25 includes unlimited access to freebies, participation in the auction, entry into the raffle, snacks, games, and a BBQ dinner. To register, click on the REGISTRATION link on the home page.

If you would like to view our displays and learn about collecting vintage matchbooks, it is FREE to come by and check it out.

Questions? Please e-mail me at dmckinneybooks@gmail.com

See you in May!

– Denise McKinney, President, Angelus Matchcover Club.



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